Tips for 2017

2017 is off and running!

I hope that you are excited about your plans for the year. If not… no worries! You are in the right place, at the right time.

In this Newsletter, I will be dishing out some of my favorite New Year tips, as well as letting you know what we’ve got cookin’ at The Door. (click here to jump right to the events!)

Let’s Dive In

If you are like most, then by this time in January, your Resolutions have fallen by the wayside (if you even made resolutions). Years ago, I stopped the practice of making resolutions because they seemed to be more of a hindrance than a boost. Oh sure, they always started out great… but then came the self-sabotage, which lead to self-judgment… self-loathing… not the way I want to begin the New Year!

For the past ten years, I made a deliberate effort to make a shift in my own perception. 2007 – I gave up drama – Sweet liberation! This was also the year that I my confidence took a leap and became crystal clear on who I am and my intention for being in the world.

2008 – Find good (or God) in everyone – Since you ‘find what you are looking for’ – well, I found more than just extraordinary people; I also found a deep compassion for those around me that I used to judge; I found the rich, lasting joy that I knew as a child.

2009 – “I’ve got that resource!” – this was the year that I brought my perceptions closer to home (internal rather than external).  Since I teach the NLP principle – “You already have everything you need for happiness and success” – I decided to take a dose of my own medicine. Any time I heard that internal voice telling me, “You can’t…” – I instantly went on a hunt and found a time when I DID! By applying a pre-existing resource to a new circumstance, I found success came much easier. This year my Shift became more like a game than a job. It was FUN searching back and finding how resourceful I had been in the past. As a bonus, whenever I hit a (metaphoric) wall, I simply smile; knowing that, “I’ve got this!”

So, my invitation for you is to resolve to see your world through different eyes. Give up the drama in your life that holds you back from fully living. Look with compassion for the good in all people. Know that EVERYTHING you are looking for – is within you.

Remember, each day holds the power to make a change in your life. Even the slightest shift can alter the course of your entire life!

I will love hearing from you to hear about your shift.

Love and rich blessings, Dena D.