The Wonder of Autumn

The nights are crisp; nearly freezing. The day brings beautiful blue cloudless skies as the warm sun competes against the cool whipping wind. The tufts atop the tall grasses outside my window bend and bow with each gust of air. They give way to the wind without effort or struggle. The trees are in their full regalia; breathtaking colors; orange, yellow, fiery red … a stark contrast to the still green grass and the endless blue heavens. One lone daffodil remains; the final reminder of a perfect summer.

For so many years I despised the onset of autumn. It was merely a stepping stone into the cold, harsh Ohio winter. I could not enjoy its splendor or offerings of rich beauty it brought. My disdain of ‘Old Man Winter’ left me bitter, even at the thought of it. As the years pass, though, I find the fall more beautiful than any other time. The crisp leaves, crunching beneath my feet, each one a masterpiece to behold. More than any time of year, the autumn now reminds me of the seasons of our lives; continually moving from birth and growth to fading and dying off… only to begin a new sequence of birth again. 

My invitation to you this week is to consider the tall grasses; how they bend and bow in the wind. They give way to the powerful unseen forces of nature. As the cold comes, they brown and die off; only to be reborn more elegant, full and strong in the springtime. Enjoy the autumn along with the magic, wonder and beauty it brings.

Until next time, Love and Blessings~

~Dena D.