How much time do you spend pursuing what you love; what makes you truly happy? Do your ‘happy thoughts’ flash into your mind as a quick burst at random intervals throughout the day? Is it a fleeting spark of an idea on a quick break? Do you ‘invest’ considerable time daring to see beyond your current circumstance? What if ‘Happiness’ was more than just that glad feeling we experience when everything is going our way.  Imagine if you could be happy, blissful, and cheerful nearly all of the time?

I am finding that happiness is usually attainable. No matter what else is seeking to pull my attention around me, ‘Happiness’ remains fully accessible (albeit, there are times when I choose to not notice it). It is simply a matter of focus. And, quite frankly, that ‘happiness focus’ requires consistent and persistent practice. In fact the practice of happiness has little to do with the state of your outside world, and more to do with your peaceful ‘inner world’. I do not claim to be an expert at this custom, but just by becoming aware of it; recognizing that even though I cannot ‘see’ or ‘feel’ happy in any specific moment; it (Happiness) is still available.

My invitation for you this week is to notice the bliss within you. And, if circumstance is obstructing your view of it, simply acknowledge (or just be aware) that “Happy” is within; it is just temporarily not in your field of view. Just knowing that it’s there… changes everything.

Until next time,

Love and Blessings~

~Dena D.