Meet Dena

Dena’s Work

Dena’s work weaves years of interest (and training) in spirituality with a deep love of how the mind works… and a big focus on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.

Among Dena’s accomplishments:

  • Co-author of 3 books
  • Presenting to over 500 people in Guatemala City
  • Certified Hypnotist Trainer (International Hypnosis Federation)
  • Creation of two Signature classes: Change Your Mind & Unlocking the Key

Dena’s Calling

Dena feels a profound calling to support women on their spiritual path who desire to serve humanity in an unprecedented way. As her own inner light magnifies, the work she does continues to unfold in greater and more expansive ways. 

Mission Fuel

Fueled by a belief in the immense power of community and collaboration, Dena’s work is energized by a deep desire to expand a sense of wonder and freedom out into the world.

Work with Dena

When you work (aka, PLAY) with Dena, she stands with you in the space of your greater potential. While many people receive ‘healings’ during their sessions, she does not see herself as a healer… rather more as a Light Keeper; someone who gently guides you within yourself, so you can see your own brilliance! If you are ready to put away the “reasons why you can’t” – then you are ready for this deep, easy, life-changing work!