It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was driving to a hypnosis session last week when it literally flew into my head; envision a bird flying from miles away, getting closer and closer, faster and faster, until …. Wham! It hit me!

The same traditions that gave us security and comfort as children… can become the very things that completely knock us off our balance as we get older. As things change, as we grow up, have our own children, as our children have children, as our bodies decline, people move on (or pass on)… we attempt to ‘hold on’ to the traditions which we loved so dearly.  And, when we can no longer live up to the tradition, or we miss those who used to celebrate them with us, we plummet into depression. Now, you may be wondering, ‘how is she going to paint a silver lining onto this dark cloud?’’…. let me see what I can do.


We can’t change the fact that life is always shifting; that ‘traditions’ eventually transform over time; that we are growing older.  The good news is that there is only pain in the ‘holding on’ to what was. When we let go of our need for things to stay the same, there is a liberation that happens! This freedom gives us permission to embrace new customs; to live in the moment; to appreciate the love that is around us; the liberties we enjoy… each and every magical breath.  Yes, there is liberation in the ‘letting go’ of the things which you cannot control. It then becomes about focus….


Let’s get real and blow this metaphor wide open…

Most of us are taught that when we fall down… we should stay down… (or if we do get up, we begin the process of self-loathing, guilt or blame!) But falling down is a part of life. We all fall down, we all get stuck. It’s what we do next that determines who we will become. 

On what will you chose to focus your attention? Will you waste your energy on the pitfalls of the past… the stories, the reasons, the excuses of why you can’t… Or, will you just let go of the things (traditions) which you can’t control and liberate yourself… turning your focus on the wonder and magic that this precious moment holds? Every day (every breath) holds the opportunity for miracles.

As we ramp up another holiday season, I invite you to reevaluate your traditions. Allow yourself to let go of anything which no longer serves your ‘highest and best good’. The liberation which follows will offer you the freedom to expand your focus in the direction of your choosing. Choose wisely! And above all, have fun.

Until next time,

Love and Blessings~

~Dena D.