Careful What You Ask For

Think about it this way…
Let’s say that every morning as you shower, you have been in the habit of ‘dislike’ for your body. With each move of the wash cloth against your jiggly thighs, your round curvy hips – that spare tire on your belly… you ask the question, ‘why am I fat?” or ‘why can’t I get a grip on my weight?’
Or, as you pay your bills each month, have you ever wondered, ‘why can I never get ahead?’ or ‘why can’t I catch a break?’…
Now, what if each “WHY”… every limiting query were a prayer (of sorts), that your higher mind was compelled to reveal to you by showing you exactly WHY, precisely HOW you got to this point & created even more of the same for your future experience.
You see, your questions directly mirror your beliefs. By noticing (and reclaiming control of) our questions, we can radically alter our life experience. Ask a better question, get a better answer! It’s genius!
The Invitation
Over the next several weeks, just begin to ‘notice’ the questions you ask). If you’re like me, you’ll get a rude awakening. It’s amazing how many negative beliefs were occupying space in my mind… Rent Free! And, to top it off, I had no idea they were even there! The next trick is to not judge yourself (best of luck with this one). The moment you judge, you wander further down the rabbit hole of misdirection.
The key here is to notice the questions and decide if they serve you. If not, simply choose more honoring ones. I like to ask myself, ‘what is the most powerful question I can ask at this time?’ This gets my Deep Mind going on a hunt for advanced questions (and answers!)… Or, shift the questions into statements. I am particularly fond of ‘I AM’ statements. As long as they lead you in the direction of your bliss; your highest and best… you are on the right track.
Here’s to you. Until next week…
Love and blessings,
Dena D.