Brand New Journal

There is something  about the crisp, newness of a brand new journal. It’s as if it beacons you to pour out your heart… your deepest desires. If you were a journal, what would you want me to write on your pages? Would you yearn to hear of my past hurts, my fears… I think I wouldn’t mind; that is, if you also told me how you grew from them – and overcame them.
Yes, if I were your journal, I would long to be your closest confidant; I would cheer you on line by line. I would chant… “I want to hear of your fondest most treasured memories. Tell me your wildest dreams!”
I invite you to grab that dusty old journal… or perhaps buy a crisp new one. And then, imagine it is your bff. You may just find a little magic as you script your future on its pages.