Bombs are Dropping!

There is something amiss; not quite status quo in my corner of the world. Are you sensing it too? The severity of problems I hear from my clients has escalated to an all-time high. In a ‘stop smoking’ session last week, a client spontaneously regressed to find traumatic and disturbing images from their childhood; completely unexpected. Marriages are breaking apart, seemingly happy and healthy people are turning to drugs, dis-ease is rampant. Whole families are being affected. 

It appears to be a time of release; of letting go. Friends who have long been carrying excess weight are finding new ways to release it (me included!). It’s like as a culture we are stirring up the dirty sediment that has settled to the bottom and then skimming it off creating a substance which is more rich and clear. Although the process can be agonizing and at times feel overwhelming, it is a transforming cycle of life.

If you are experiencing disruption, turbulence, upheaval or chaos in your own life, you are not alone. You are a part of living, thriving universe. Call on those who are placed in your path who can support you. Call on the Angels and guides; the Masters who have travelled before us. Meditation, affirmation, prayer … these are all helpful habits to keep you grounded and nurtured. This is the time to have a rich spiritual practice which will give you a solid foundation until you emerge stronger and lighter for the remainder of your journey. Everything is temporary. This too shall pass. 

Until next time, stay strong! 
Love and Blessings~

~Dena D.